The Almost Forgotten Disney Bride (Week 16 & 17 Kindness Master Keys)

Week 16 of my Master keys Class was all about noticing kindness from various sources including my own. The point being that if you spend your day making a mental note each time you witness kindness, you will then be pre-programmed to perpetuate kindness in your world. I had a week where my job was less than satisfying and rarely provided me with kindness to notice; but I managed to pick out a couple of instances during my week that were noteworthy. It was nice to be on the hunt for kindness for a change! Something incredible happened toward the end of my week.

I flew to Florida to a conference, and having not flown since 2006 was a bit rusty on flight etiquette. I was greeted with so much kindness by the ticket agents, to the gate agents, from the start of my flight, to the connecting flights. I was pleasantly surprised, since I have spent years listening to complaints from travelers who were treated poorly by flight staff.

After the conference concluded, I decided to visit Disney World to find what some friends have mentioned seeing. Apparently there is a plaque commemorating my husband’s and my nuptials. We were the first Wedding for the Disney Fairytale Wedding Department in October 1992. My parents had such wild ideas for our wedding, that Disney decided to use our wedding as the launch for their entry into the Billion dollar wedding market.sun times rag inside

wsj a  wsj 2 Modern bride cover

I had been to Disney World 58 times by the time I was married. My family was a group of fanatics to say the least. I was raised on my father’s animated bedtime stories of either Peter Pan or Brer Rabbit. I had the most Magical childhood, and Disney was a huge part of that. My mother came up with some of the ideas they still use today. She requested the Major Domo as my ring bearer, and made the pillow atop which the glass slipper rested with our rings. Disney asked her to make two more custom pillows for their future weddings and she was happy to do it. What a wonderful collaboration and memory it was for our family.

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I started my day at 9 am, and what followed was the largest display of kindness I have ever experienced from strangers. I started my quest at the Grand Floridian Hotel where our wedding took place, and asked a bellman named Walter where I might find our plaque.


He kindly drove me by golf cart to the New Wedding Pavilion where I spent 3 hours meticulously searching for our name in the pathway of octagonal bricks only to come up empty. The longer I read names which were not ours, I found myself in tears. My husband Kris and I started out in this Magical place very much in love, and now in our 22nd year, we are still as much in love, but our years together have been fraught with illness and loss, as well as joyous times; the things that most marriages boast after so many years. Finding the plaque became a sort of remembrance of the freshness with which we started. It was a validation that we have made it through many storms, and still managed to find the Magic between us. For these reasons, I found myself unable to hold back tears when I failed to find our plaque. I asked Colleen, a young floral assistants who was prepping for an upcoming wedding, if she may know of such a plaque.  I made her acquaintance, and described my Wedding day and the excitement surrounding it. 10385606_10204740856754494_1988441396539592088_n - CopyShe suggested I visit the Disney Events Building where there may be a florist who would remember my special day. Her directions seemed very long and I reiterated that I was on foot. Disappointment came over her face as she realized I would need a vehicle to get me there. She apologized and wished me luck on my quest as she took my information so she may follow-up with her superiors. steve0310a


I walked off and decided to look around the grounds once more. I paused at the front of the Grand Floridian where a Valet asked if I needed help. My eyes were a little puffy and obviously looked deep in thought. I told him my story and he left to ask the front desk if anyone worked there in 1992 who would know about a plaque. He returned without an answer but with something so great! He introduced me to Francesca, a driver who would take me to the Events Building and wherever else I needed to go! I was beside myself! Billy the Valet, quickly returned to his duties and smiled and waved as we pulled away. It was a bit of a drive across the Disney Property to our destination. Francesca and I chatted and she was at the ready with tissues. 10428068_10204738047884274_4170044859266595488_nWe arrived at a small building where most of the backstage magic happens. Where the employees are trained and casting takes place, as well as where the floral department is housed. Francesca rang the bell and I almost fainted when the door opened with a fairy dust sound effect. 10818506_10204740858714543_3021141518929755562_oA lovely man by the name of Luis greeted us, and upon hearing my story remembered seeing us on what was then the training video for the Wedding Department. He escorted us to the Floral room. It was a large section of the facility buzzing with activity on what was a Sunday. I made the acquaintance of four lovely ladies, two of whom worked there at the time of my wedding and one of whom remembered working on my flowers. She remembered what a huge deal that day was for each facet of the Fairytale team. I cried, they cried, it was so wonderful to be remembered! After-all, it did happen before the internet. 🙂 10389711_10204740859674567_4956766085606262287_n - CopyThey posed for pictures and thanked me for coming to visit. I was blown away by their interest in our lives since the wedding. They topped off my visit by presenting me with a little bouquet of flowers in a tea cup, and a special Disney Events Department Employee Pin! My husband and I have a Disney Pin Collection which started with the Wedding pin. This made my day10929194_10204788795712938_9028830950856704140_n!

I never did find my plaque, nor do I have any idea if there is one. I experienced something more magical than a picture of a memory. I made new memories, with new people who bridged the gap between then and now, with their kindness.                                                                                                                                                                                         c9532dac7f96fbdb70d866effa065dee This is Richard who is 83, and has carried the dresses of every bride since my wedding in 1992.

We have put our vow renewal (October 24th of 2017)  on our vision board, and we look at it every day! We hope to finally return to Disney and introduce our Russian daughters to the Magic and properly kick of our next 25 years! It has truly been “A Small World” for our little family.


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Somethin’s Happenin’ Here…(Week 15 Master Keys)

Stop, Hey, What’s That sound…everybody look what’s goin’ down..

This experience has really made me notice how often we spend on our phones now. A good portion of us sit across from each other at restaurants, and only put our phones down when the food comes to fill our mouths (that is after we’ve posted a picture of our meal on social media). I have been learning how to be the quiet observer. It really takes practice and a conscious effort on my part, as I am very opinionated and like others, also get lost in “stuff”. I am attempting to regain balance in my life by being a part of this Master key Experience and getting back to what makes me exceptional. I think we get so caught up in the grind and keeping up, that we forget who we really are; or spend our days wishing for that magical time when we will have a break. Then when it comes, we have to catch up on laundry, ever putting off the “me” “myself” and “I” who is screaming to be paid attention to. I felt it! I know you do at times. It’s that inner voice talking to you, and wants to get to know you again. That kid inside who gets put off for another hour of television or whatever other distraction we think will take our mind off of our day, and the false thinking that it will make us feel better. This is all wasted consciousness. It is neither growing nor developing your best future. It is merely existing awaiting your caring touch and attention.

I’ve got a bit of inside information for you. There are exercises which are mandatory for this class, and one of the most stringent suggestions is to keep the last hour of the day (30 min at least) sacred for meditation. When I say meditation, I mean quiet contemplation, prayer, or whatever causes you to reflect on yourself in a positive light. Positive is key. “What you picture in the darkroom will develop” (I just wrote that lol). It is true though! What you concentrate on, will come to fruition so keep it positive, and enjoy the quiet and the self time. After a about a week, this time will be more fulfilling than that hour of TV or Facebook. Discuss it with your spouse; they will probably be thankful, as they have been missing out on time alone with their thoughts as well.

Our class homework for the next few weeks is to spend time with Benjamin Franklin’s 13 Virtues . He was the first person to use a spread sheet to observe and reflect. We are to notice one virtue displayed in another’s behavior, be it from a child or adult. The moral of the exercise is if you can see it in others, it is because it first exists in you.

I will be sharing more of the exercises we are learning in the near future, and they are fascinating! Follow my Blog and I will be adding FREE subscribable content for you to do these same exercises at home. I am learning how to share the content at this time, and my goal is to help as many people I can, to live their best life and to get to know and love themselves again. You CAN feel your best. You CAN create your best life. Picture your own child…what would you want for them? How protective of that person would you be? Picture that in your sacred last hour of your day.

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Week 14 – perfect harmony

Master Key

C, E, G, C…major chord, simple harmony. Anyone of us could sit down at the piano and in a minute discover the simple harmony of a major chord. And it would please our soul.

Our bodies consist of 37,200,000,000,000 cells by scientist’s best guess. Ok, let’s simplify: about 37 trillion. How many is that? A whole lot of cells! But just like the C major chord with only three different notes, the cells operate in a harmony that is inconceivable, undeniable, and absolutely awe-inducing. And every bit as satisfying and concordant as that chord.

We are to meditate on harmony this week: “concentrate so deeply, so earnestly, that you will be conscious of nothing but harmony”. (Haanel 14:31) What does harmony mean in this study and in my life? It is easy to hear the harmony in a chord. It is even easy to see that in spite of it’s…

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Spoiler Alert (Week 14 Master Keys)

It was a movie I had always wanted to see and kept forgetting. Our assignment this week was to write about a movie from a list given in our webinar which depicts the practices that we are learning to master in our class. This clip does not do the movie Rudy justice. Rudy fights all that his surroundings and influences throw at him to express his authentic self. He has a clear and definite aim to play football for Notre Dame even though he is very small, and not the most athletic kid. With all of the depression around him in his steel mill town, he harnesses a positive mental attitude and relies on his best friend to assist him when he is down. When his best friend dies in a mill accident, Rudy comes up with a plan of attack and leaves all behind with laser focus to play football for Notre Dame. He hits wall after wall, but he keeps looking for cracks in the armor which encases his dream. He meets a Notre Dame caretaker, and demands to work for him in order to be one step closer to the field on which he has visualizes his dream of playing. The caretaker becomes his confidant, and a person whom he can share his wild ideas and dreams and in turn someone with whom he is able to mastermind. Rudy touched many lives along the way with his positive mental attitude. By exuding such desire, heart, and conviction all of who he touched began to make Rudy their focus, and ultimately without much strength or talent, he was able to lead his team onto the field in uniform and play.

If you are working on a dream but are doubting the fact that your desire will manifest itself. You need to watch this movie again or for the first time like me. It is not up to us to decide how our dreams will come into fruition. It is our job to focus and believe will all of our fiber that it is happening and let the universe worry about the how.

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Keeping the Focus (Week 13 Master Keys)

Wow. This was produced in the 1950’s. Before all of the self-help gurus and motivational speakers. Before all of the dollars  spent on trying to find your best self through some magic bullet or a word of wisdom, and it was free! We all know what we need to do, we just really don’t want to do the work it takes. We get stuck in the work we do to make a living. We forget we live in a world of abundance, and we can do and have anything we desire with the right mindset. If we make a definite chief aim and focus on that specific thing, it will eventually come into being. I’m not talking about POOF there it is because you pictured it. You are not a Genie, nor am I stating that you can rub your head and one will pop out.



“Your mind doesn’t care what you plant in it, it will grow whatever you think about”. If you have a want or desire, write it out in detail in the present tense, read what you have written daily with excitement. At days end, sit for 20 minutes and visualize your life having already have achieved your desire. With time it will become easier. What does it look like? What does it smell like? How do you feel while living your ideal? The thing that will end up happening, is you will begin to notice opportunities or events that will align with your definite chief aim, you will recognize people, or take advantage of situations which will help you get there.  It is an awareness which you begin to have as a result of your focus. A simplified example; a friend just mentioned a type of food, or a music group that you’ve never heard of before.  Then for the next week, that exact food or band is everywhere? It is like that. The food or the band has been commonplace for the most part, it’s just that you never picked up on it because it was not in your line of focus. Change your focus. Make it so your life depends on it…and it will.

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Cataloging The Good (Week 12 Of Master Keys)


Shit’s getting real. There’s nowhere to run and hide from yourself at this point in the class. You either need to do the exercises and commit to letting go of the person you were, or remain in the state which lead you to seek out the class in the first place. Some of us carry negative experiences from our childhood into our adult life. I’ve had friends who have experienced abuse, or been bullied in school, or like myself  touched by a creeper when I was little. Experiences make a dent in our subconscious for life.


In this Master Mind Experience, we are learning to go all the way back to our innermost entity. Who were you when you were born? You were light and life, fresh and new; before the world had its way with you. Even if your negatives in your life weren’t as bad as Bender’s from the Breakfast Club, there are negative experiences that still dictate your behavior which you wish would just disappear. The exercise in the next paragraph’s will start you on your way.

We are so used to being our own worst critic. We keep a list of negative experiences and qualities because we think that if we keep these items at the ready, then we will avoid being or doing that which we dislike. Some of our experiences attacked our very self worth. By keeping these negatives close at hand, we are merely reinforcing their power over us. “I shouldn’t do that with my face when I laugh because that one boyfriend in high school said it was unattractive” or “I was so afraid to speak up in class twenty years ago, that I should never share in front of a group”. It is staggering how many of our limiting fears, or negative results of things we tried at very early ages, will dictate our entire adult life.

This week’s exercise was to write out 50 index cards of things we have accomplished in our lives, one for each card. Can you think of 50 things you have accomplished? I urge you to try this exercise. If you run out of ideas, ask a loved one what activity or accomplishment have they admired in you? I asked this of my husband because I was really laboring to come up with more than 30. I have “I take good care of my skin”, “I rode a mini bike”, I’m a good mother”, just a couple of examples of what I wrote.

The point is to make two stacks of 25 cards of things you have done, accomplished, or excelled at, and flip through them twice per day. It is really amazing when you spend time cataloging what you have accomplished, done Well, you start to not remember what you didn’t do well, or quit. It is a wonderful turnabout. This whole Master Key experience is an exercise in baby steps to shed all of the negativity we hold on to, which we falsely think will protect us when we need it most. On the contrary, in reality it is the very thing from which we need protecting.

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Weeks 10 and 11 The Old Blueprint Strikes Back

“Constructive thought must necessarily be creative, but creative thought must be harmonious, and this eliminates all destructive or competitive thought”-Master Key 10 #21

“Wisdom, strength, courage and all harmonious conditions are the result of power and we have seen that all power is from within; likewise, every lack, limitation or adverse circumstance is the result of weakness, and weakness is simply the absence of power; it comes from nowhere, it is nothing- the remedy then is simply to develop power, and this is accomplished in exactly the same manner that all power is developed, by exercise.”Master key 10 #22

One’s lack of focus, or in other words confusion of mind (the world within) will result in confusion in the world without. You will attract back to you confusion..which is exactly what I have done this past couple of weeks!


I am a very busy woman (said with a hint of sarcasm). I have a job, a Mural client, a family, a Network Marketing Business, I am recovering from major surgery, and I am taking this class which is providing me with tools to truly make sense out of my entire being, which if focused on, will enable me to harness the power God has given to each of us to manifest what I truly desire in my life. Over the past two weeks I have become paralyzed  by all that is to be done to accomplish my goals. I have diminished in my daily efforts and have instead succumbed to chasing my tail, in a sense. I’ve accomplished little things that have not added up to anything substantial for any one of the above areas of my life. I feel pulled in so many directions. I became overwhelmed by the optional digital connections side of the class, and basically shut down. I am used to understanding technology or figuring it out within a few clicks.  I had gotten to a point with my readings and exercises where I was feeling pretty great. I had started to manifest wonderful things in my life, which were compounded by my family also experiencing the effects of the daily reads. Then I started to delve into the digital connections side of the class, and it was over my head enough that I spent my last two days off, and about eight hours trying to understand the material and what was expected of me going forward in order to become a guide. I fell behind in my readings, and my blog, and ultimately let myself down. My old subconscious ran with it and said “SEE! you can’t finish anything!” to which I quickly responded “WATCH ME!”


“We frequently hear it said, “A very distressing situation came into my life, which could not have been the result of my thoughts, as I certainly never entertained any thought to which could have such a result.” We fail to remember that like attracts like in the mental world, and that the thought which we entertain brings to us certain friendships, companionship’s of a particular kind, and these in turn bring about conditions and environment, which in turn are responsible for the conditions of which we complain. Master Key 11 Forward.

“Here we find a method, the spirit of which is, to believe what is sought has been accomplished, in order to accomplish it.” -Excerpt from Master Key 11 #16
“What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” -Mark 11:24 as in Master Key 11 #17

Today I begin a new life…
Stay tuned for my review of week 12! It was a tear-jerker!

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